Partial list of services I provide

·         Assist you and your real estate agent (if you have one) in writing your initial contract – the earlier I get involved in the transaction, the better.  Real Estate contracts in Mexico are not standardized.

·         Prepare an accurate estimate of closing costs you can expect to pay, and indicate what costs are incurred prior to closing.

·         Provide you with a realistic timeframe to get your transaction closed.

·          If you don’t yet have a specific property in mind, I can recommend several good real estate agents in your area of interest.

·         If you find a property For Sale By Owner in Mexico (FSBO in Mexico), we will walk you through every step of the transaction from initial contract to closing.  We will put you in contact with the professional service providers required to complete the transaction.

·         Assist in choosing the best Notario Publico (the gate-keeper over the entire legal transaction)

·         Assist in the setup of the fideicomiso (bank trust) that is required in the restricted zones of Mexico.  Depending on your circumstances, this may be something you choose to do even for property outside the restricted zone.  We will discuss all the options with you and help you decide the best course of action based on your particular personal and financial aspects.

·         Assist in choosing a title insurance company and setting up an escrow account.  Again, we will discuss all the options and reasons why or why not to go this direction based on your situation and property location.

·         Review all closing costs prior to closing and make sure there are no additional fees or extra people/hand-outs involved.

·         Assist you in choosing the best mortgage option in Mexico, should you prefer to get a loan, rather than pay cash.

·         Explain when and how to set up a Power of Attorney and Apostile if needed

·         Consult with you on the best way to borrow against, or liquidate any assets in your home country, including retirement accounts. 

·         We look at the tax consequences both in your home country as well as in Mexico.  We are tax experts – particularly for the high-end/financially complex buyer or seller.

·         I am both a licensed real estate agent and mortgage loan officer in the US.  I have a stellar reputation, having served my customers well in the US and Mexico for over 30 years.

·         I speak both English and Spanish.  The service providers I use speak English, which makes communication much more comfortable with my English-speaking clinets.

Although I cannot guarantee you will close on your desired property, you can rest assured that if there is a way to close on the property, I will get you through it.  Issues such as title not being clear to transfer can come up during the process.  It is far better to find this out BEFORE you close and save yourself thousands of dollars and unbelievable frustration.

Problems in Mexico may not always be solved in ways we ex-pats consider to be “logical” but if you’re working with the right people, TRUST is far more dependable than “logic.”  If you try to figure out Mexico using our ex-pat perspective of logic, you probably aren’t going to fare well in Mexico.  I tell my clients that if you have a question on how to do something in Mexico, talk to those who have been in Mexico the longest.  It is a constant learning experience, and those who have been in Mexico the longest, often know the most.  This is part of the charm of visiting or living in Mexico.  All decisions will be made by you, the client, after being informed of the available options.

First Mortgage Loan Transaction in Mexico 2004, brokered by Doug Jones (far right).  All the bigwigs flew in for this historic event at the Notario Publico's office